Frogmore House

Frogmore House in Norwood Green

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Frogmore House had previously been a nursing home and many local children were born there. I had previously been contacted by several of these children, now fully grown up and tracing their roots but was unable to find any information on it, until now. Ben Berry an ex Norwood Green Schoolboy placed a posting on Norwood Green School Facebook page here is the post text:

We lived in a place called Frogmore House, next to the Police Station, my parents bought it in 1957 and alas, sold it for re-development in 1964. it had quite a history which I have got well documented, and we still have some furniture that was placed in the house when it was built in the 1880s. I often felt, a bit remote from my friends, who all seemed to live around Hadley Gardens, but the longer walk for school and play , I dont think did me any harm.

This is much more information than we previously had and I am most grateful to Ben for his cooperation

Below are the notes that Ben wrote aged 10 at Norwood Green School

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