Dear resident,I am writing to you regarding the planning proposal for the Old Monorep Site on Poplar Avenue. An application has been submitted for change of use to a place of worship and part construction skills centre (Use Class F1). This involves alterations to front elevation of Annexe 1 and formation of entrance doorway. It is a retrospective application as works have already been completed – see additional information below.This is likely to have a huge impact on Norwood Green as a whole and in particular will affect residents in the north west part of the Minterne Estate, spilling over the canal bridge into Glade Lane and surrounding areas.Concerns are very much related to increased traffic in our neighbourhood, causing additional pollution and inhibiting resident’s access to their homes. This is a residential area that is already impacted by regular events at the Osterley Cricket Club venue on Tentelow Lane, school time drop offs/pick-ups from Three Bridges Primary, the operation of Eurocom House and the illicit scaffolders yard on Glade Lane. Residents are entitled to peace and privacy at home and the ability to go about their daily lives without obstruction.Full details of the Change of Use application (Ref: 216390FUL) can be found herePlease do review the information on Ealing’s Planning Portal and register your comments in relation to this application. The closing date for the consultation is 02/20/2022 so be sure to upload your comments by then. Click on the Make a Comment link here to register your opinion.


Background information – please readThe old Monorep site is located within the St Mark’s Church and Canal Conservation Area and must adhere to Ealing’s planning regulations for conservation areas. This has already been breached by construction work that commenced during the first lockdown to build extensions onto the front and rear of the mechanics hall. There have been no planning applications submitted to Ealing Council for these developments and it is unlikely that buildings control has been engaged. This was first reported to Ealing Council in May 2020. In July 2020 the Planning Officer visited the site, recognised that development work had been taking place and instructed the contractors to cease building. Work resumed 2 days later.Further disregard to the conservation area was captured in February 2021 when contractors from the site were seen cutting down trees along the canal side. These works were not permitted by the Canal and River Trust and no application had been made to Ealing Council. The council’s planning officer wrote to the owner of the site informing him the removal or felling of trees within a conservation area was a breach of Section 211 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.Recently, work to the façade of the old sales room has also commenced, brick walls have replaced the existing floor to ceiling glazing.Diwali 2021 celebrations saw hundreds of worshippers attend the site with Poplar Avenue, Melbury Avenue and Glade Lane all blocked with parked vehicles obstructing resident’s access to their driveways, blocking the E5 bus route on Glade Lane and preventing wheelchair users from accessing Melbury Avenue via the bridge from Glade Lane.Access to the post box on Glade Lane is already problematic due to the number of cars parked outside the Monorep site.

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