Reverend Anne Bookless

Below are the pictures of the Appointment of the Reverend Anne Bookless as the Vicar of St Mary’s Church Norwood Green on the 21st of May 2024
Reverend Anne Bookless had previously held the title of Priest in Charge of St Mary’s Church on Norwood Green Southall, but on the 21st of May 2024 she was awarded the title of Vicar of St Mary’s Church
Reverend Anne Bookless with Area Dean David Neno (seated)
NGRA Chairman Steve Searle makes a speech at the inauguration of Reverend Anne Bookless
Rev'd Anne Bookless receives appointment from Archdeacon Catherine Pickford
Children of Parishioners
Bishop Luse Nsenga Ngoy, Rev'd Anne Bookless, Rev'd Dr Dave Bookless
The Congregation
The Congregation
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